Introducing Artist and True Inspiration Cindy Wider

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Self Portrait”                “Old Rattler”             Commissioned Artwork        “The Holiday”

Cindy Wider was born in Brisbane Queensland 1968 then at the age of three years she moved with her family to live in the Western Highlands Provence of Papua New Guinea where she spent most of her early childhood. With very few toys and little access to technology, her mother encouraged her to draw and write from an early age. At the age of eleven years Cindy moved with her family back to Brisbane then a year later to her grandfather’s dairy farm in Port Lincoln South Australia. Once again in isolation, she continued her love of drawing and writing and had her first story published in a collection of writings at the age of fourteen years.
Living in rural Australia without access to formal art instruction Cindy became frustrated with her lack of painting and drawing skills and resigned to the fact that she just wasn’t gifted enough to be able to draw. It wasn’t until almost ten years later as an adult that she developed renewed interest in Painting and drawing.
Painting became a form of therapy when at the age of twenty three years Cindy became unable to walk more that a couple of meters due to the debilitating effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  After setting goals to get to the letterbox in her yard she realised the power of goal-setting for the first time in her life and decided that more than anything in the world she wanted to learn to paint and draw. At first she began to paint realistic images then while studying by correspondence for a diploma in art, she developed her unique bright bold hard-edge semi-abstract style. After attracting the support of the South Austrailan Country Arts Trust, over an eight year period Cindy became one of the town’s most valued artists.
A professional artist with eighteen years of experience in the art industry, Cindy Wider is an award-winning gallery-represented artist now living and painting in Noosa Australia. Cindy is currently represented by The Cooper Gallery and is also a highly respected art educator and author. She is the author of the book “Paint In Your Pyjamas” as well as many art courses.
In 2007 Cindy joined forces with Canadian author and artist Brenda Hoddinott (author of “Drawing for Dummies” and “The Complete Idiots Guide to Drawing People”) to become a world-renown art educator through Brenda’s website Here Cindy operates seven virtual classrooms teaching a student base of up to 60 people within the world’s largest and fastest growing recreational art tuition website. Cindy is a passionate, caring and enthusiastic art educator devoted to sharing her knowledge of art with others.

More words of wisdom to come before her work goes on display as part of Mirror but if you can’t wait find out more about Cindy on her website


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Welcome to Mirrors Art Exhibition

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A Charity Art Exhibition
“Expressing, transforming and clarifying the shades of limelight that frame our body image.”

Mori Gallery
168 Day St Darling Harbour
15th-24th October 2009
Opening night 14th October 6-8pm

Sarah O Rourke 2008

Sarah O Rourke 2008

Mirrors, are integral part of life we use them to create an image of who we are, who we think we should or could be and who we want to be, you find them in our bathrooms, bedrooms, purses and in other people’s eyes, words and thoughts. As an art exhibition Mirrors become a tool in expressing how others see themselves, reflecting how we see ourselves and the common thoughts and images that surround this, but furthermore Mirrors is a means to show how art can transform, reveal, confirm and change our associations between the beauty within both life and ourselves. In terms of functioning this exhibition is as integral to those it supports as the daily mirror check that is normal for each of us in our daily routine.  The reflection of a mirror sadly is not always one of clarity it is often blurred and altered by outside motives, in this way Mirrors through art aims to provide clarity where beauty is not an image but a feeling.

All profits from the sale of nominated art works will go towards supporting The Butterfly Foundation.

The aim is to allow art to become a platform on which individuals can express their thoughts, feelings and ideas about body image, whether it be through a graphic photo, drawing or bright expression of colour.

For further information or artwork submission enquiries please email

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Hello world!

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