Mirrors a Success

October 26, 2009 at 8:36 am (Uncategorized)

Mirrors sadly closed it’s doors on Saturday evening after a very successful ten days. Fifty Five beautiful works of art hung together in a communal expression of hope and beauty. The opening night saw the gallery packed with people all ready to support both the aim and theme of the exhibition as well as to support the Butterfly Foundation by purchasing an art work to add to their own decor. Blank canvases on the floor were not blank for very long with everyone getting into the spirit of drawing and painting. The creative writing table was a hub of thought and expression, which though not as colourful was equally as important. A year of preparation lead to a unique experience where art was a means to express and to create awareness within each individual for their own thoughts and feelings around beauty and body image as well as within the larger community for eating disorders and the suffering they inflict on all those who encounter them.

French installation artist Elodie Silberstein presented an inspired tableau vivante complete with a unique and evocative performance piece on the opening night. The piece was a highlight at the exhibition and Mirrors was proud to have Elodie’s honest approach to art on board.

Art work varied from the masterpieces of the professional including Doug Bartlett who responded to the Mirror brief and produced magnificent pieces reflective of their own style and the Mirrors message. Pencil drawings were a favourite especially ones from Stephanie Granshaw and Cynthia Ludd Tarrol who were both featured on the Mirrors blog in the lead up.

Other pieces that donned the wall were touching statements of artistic expression from past and recovering eating disorder sufferors who all deserve a special thank you for being brave enough to share their experiences and new found hope with us.

Cindi Wider and Melinda Hutchings who created stimulas for the creative writing and drawing corners were a wonderful reflection of important creative expression is for each individual.

It was a privilege to be involved with each of the artists who supported Mirrors over the last twelve months and seeing their final pieces upon the wall was certainly a moving experience for all those who attended Mirrors over the last ten days.  A special thanks goes out to CEDD and EDA who supported the exhibition at every turn and a very special thanks, that knows no words goes to the wonderful staff at the Mori Gallery particularly gallery owner Stephen Mori who went out of his way at every bend to ensure the exhibition was such a great success.

Mirrors may no longer be on the gallery walls but it’s message is still echoing within every person who came along and witnessed it. Mirrors reminds us and I compel you not to forget that “beauty is not just an image it is a feeling,” and it is one we as individuals deserve to feel and witness everyday whether it is in a stranger, a sunset or a loved one, it is everywhere and it is ours to capture and manifest into the world in our own unique way.

Deepest thanks to all my wonderful artists and supporters,

Rhiannon Bulley

Director and Curator

Mirrors Art Exhibition.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Mirrors images and news to come it isn’t over just quite yet….

Doug Bartlett

Doug Bartlett

Noelle Graham

Noelle Graham


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Eating Disorder Hope

October 10, 2009 at 6:21 am (Uncategorized)

Another Great Supporting Website.


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Stephanie Granshaw Graces Mirrors with her Art

October 6, 2009 at 7:27 am (Uncategorized)

Steph's Previous Work Titled Gemma

Steph's Previous Work Titled Gemma

Steph Granshaw is a self taught Portrait Artist originally from Brighton in the UK. Her love and fascination for female beauty is portrayed in her unique and sensitive touch with graphite and water colour. More of her portraits can be viewed at Simple Soulful Art

” My Piece for Mirrors titled Baby Blue is about realisation, a realisation of her deep and beautiful female essence reflected back at her in the mirror.”

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