Artwork Submissions

Mirrors Art Exhibition
“Expressing, transforming and clarifying the shades of limelight that frame our body image.”

Mori Gallery
168 Day St Darling Harbour
14th-26th October 2009
Opening night 14th October 6-8pm

Mirrors Art Exhibition aims to shift the fundamental perceptions that surround the concept of beauty into visual aesthetics that promote the re-evaluation of beauty as a universal existence not an ideal.
Mirrors, as an art exhibition is as integral to those it supports as the daily mirror check that is normal for each of us in our daily routine.  All profits from the sale of nominated art works will go towards supporting The Butterfly Foundation, a Melbourne based, non profit organisation which works to support Australians who are suffering with eating disorders Australia wide.

Terms and Condition of Entry
1.    Entries can be submitted in any medium.
2.    All Artworks must arrive at the Mori Gallery clearly labelled with the title and artist details.
3.    Artists are responsible for ensuring that all equipment necessary to display the artwork is included with the artwork on arrival at the Mori Gallery (this excludes audio and video submissions, artists will be notified if the appropriate equipment can be secured to display their work, as the gallery only has limited facilities for supporting these mediums)
4.    Mirrors Art Exhibition organisers reserve the right to reject any art work deemed unsuitable for the exhibition
5.    Mirrors will not be held responsible for any damage to artworks during showing or transit.
6.     Art works should arrive at the Mori Gallery on the 12th or 13th of October. Any artworks that arrive at the Mori Gallery any later than 12pm on 14th of October will not be shown
7.    All artists are responsible for ensuring their work arrives at the gallery on time and is collected by 4pm on the 26th of October if the artwork has not been sold. If the artwork has been nominated for sale but has not been sold it is the artists responsibility to organise collection, otherwise the artwork will permanently become the property of Mirrors Art Exhibition. Artists will be contacted on the 24th of October if their artwork has not been sold.
8.    By submitting an artwork to Mirrors the artist recognises their image may appear in post media coverage of the event.
9.    All entries must be completed and submitted by Wednesday 30th of September. Entrants will be informed of their inclusion in the exhibition by the 2nd of October at the latest.
10.    If a price is not submitted with nominated sale artworks then Mirrors reserves the right to price artworks as they deem suitable.
11.    Mirrors will not publicise the contact details or supply them to another individual without consulting the artist. Mirrors will protect the identity of all entrants who wish their work to be anonymous.
Please copy the form below into a blank email and send to

Phone number:
Artists name to be displayed?

Title of artwork: (Can be untitled)
Any further technical notes for the correct display of artwork:

Artwork to be sold:
If yes nominated price:

Artwork will arrive via:
Artwork will be retrieved (if unsold) via:

Please answer Yes or No to the following
I grant Mirrors with permission to use my image for promotional use including the Mirrors Art Exhibition Blog-

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of Mirrors Art Exhibition:

I am aware that if my work has been nominated for Sale all proceeds will go to the Butterfly Foundation:

A picture of the artwork must be included.

Artists Statement (maximum 200 words)


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